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Mean Girls 2 Filming at Sutton Middle School

July 20, 2010

What’s with all the signs up and down Powers Ferry Road in Chastain Park at Sutton Middle School?  MG2, Crew Parking, Extras Parking etc…  I did some old fashioned investigative work (walked up and asked someone) and found out all the scoop.  Paramount Famous Productions is filming it’s new made-for-TV movie Mean Girls 2 right here in Chastain Park.  The movie is being directed by Melanie Mayron who won an EMMY for her role in the drama thirtysomething on ABC.

If you have turned on the TV at all you know that Lindsay Lohan will not be involved with Mean Girls 2.  Instead Meaghan Jette Martin will play the role of Jo, formally played by Lindsay Lohan in the original Mean Girls movie.  Meaghan’s co-stars in the movie are Maiara Walsh, Jennifer Stone of Wizards of Waverly Place and Nicole Anderson.

Filming began in Atlanta July 6th and is slated to to be completed August 20th.

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