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Gardening Classes at Farm Chastain

February 25, 2018

Farm Chastain Green House Class-3

On Saturday Peyton and I went to check out the Greenhouse Gardening class at Farm Chastain at the Chastain Park Conservancy. We are starting our garden this year from seed so this was the perfect class.



Farm Chastain Green House Class-1

There were about 30 people in attendance. We learned from Lou Linzie about the makeup and function of the greenhouse onsite at the Conservancy and were given all of the tools to start our garden off right.

This year Peyton and I ordered all of our seeds from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange so we brought our seed kits home to get started. Below is what mine ended up looking like, full of tomatoes and sweet peppers, 72 plants to be exact.

Farm Chastain Green House Class-8

The North Fulton Master Gardeners offer a free class at Farm Chastain each month. Below is the calendar showing the upcoming classes in 2018 and rsvp information if you would like to attend. Click Here for the full flyer and information on Farm Chastain.

Farm Chastain


Carson Matthews

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