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Powers Ferry PATH Ribbon Cutting

May 13, 2016

Powers Ferry Road PATH (12 of 12)This morning, almost exactly one year from the ground breaking of construction of the new widened PATH down Powers Ferry Road, the Chastain Park Conservancy celebrated the grand re-opening of the sidewalk with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Among the speakers at the ceremony were Jennifer Richter, Chastain Park neighbor and Board Chair of the Chastain Park Conservancy, Amy Phuong, City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Yolanda Adrian, City of Atlanta City Council Member, JP Matzigkeit, Chastain Park neighbor and one of the founders of the Chastain Park Conservancy, Michael Halicki, Executive Director of Park Pride, and Pete Pellegrini, Project Manager for The PATH Foundation.

Powers Ferry Road PATH (1 of 1)

Powers Ferry Road PATH (6 of 12)


Personally I can’t tell you how happy I am about the re-opening of the sidewalk down Powers Ferry Road. As someone who runs around Chastain Park several days each week, the PATH along Powers Ferry is so much nicer, safer and easier to run, walk, stroll, or do them all at the same time. There is plenty of room to pass, be passed and not worry about your dog running into people all of the time, or even worse running into the street.


Congratulations to the Chastain Park Conservancy for getting this job done, the neighbors and visitors of Chastain Park are very grateful!


Carson Matthews

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