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Commuter Dude in Chastain Park

February 18, 2016

This morning on 11Alive the Commuter Dude was live in Chastain Park reporting on the dangers of walking along Powers Ferry Road during the sidewalk construction. Most of the neighbors have caught on by this point, but it is harder to get that communication out to those that come from outside Chastain Park to walk and run on the PATH. I slowed down almost to a stop the other day while giving a man walking in the road a look, his response was to shoot me a bird right in my face. We get it, it’s frustrating for everyone, but please use common sense and double back on Lake Forrest, or walk up by the amphitheater and along Park Drive. Don’t walk in the middle of the road, there just isn’t enough room to safely get past you…

Check out the news report below.  Thanks, Carson Matthews.

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