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GutenTag – A Neighbor’s Kickstarter Campaign

November 20, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.43.13 AMThis week on Nextdoor Chastain Park I saw a post about a kickstarter campaign for a product called GutenTag by Chastain Park neighbor Mark Newton and his family. I checked it out and wanted to share the info with the neighborhood. It looks like a great day planner for folks that have a full day and need to visualize their day in order to maximize it.


No more complex agendas, journals, apps… GutenTag is an elegant offline solution for planning your day. Stamp it, draw it, do it. Perfect for those of us who are visual learners, creatives, and the rest of the world that is overwhelmed. GutenTag – See the Day, Seize the Day.


Here is their video explaining GutenTag.

 Check out GutenTag on Kickstarter


Carson Matthews

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