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Chastain Park Real Estate Update June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

4750 Paran Valley SoldHere is a quick snapshot of how the Chastain Park real estate market is performing thus far in 2015. There are lots of signs going up and down in Chastain Park, and a lot of them say “under contract” or “sold”.  Below are some stats to help you stay informed of what’s going on.

There are 59 homes actively listed for sale, 10 under $1,000,000 and 49 above $1m, 22 of those above $2m, and with a couple of biggies on Blackland over $10m the average asking price right now is $2,213,371.

There are 5 homes going through due diligence, and 19 homes “pending sale” which means they have made it through the due diligence period. The average price of the 19 pending homes is $1,405,921. Those 19 homes range in price from $650,000 to $3,599,000.

We have seen 41 homes sold thus far in 2015 which matches what we saw in the first 6 months of 2014, but that number will jump at the end of the month when many of those pendings close.  The average sales price through today is $1,311,575, and those homes spent an average of 76 days on the market.

New Construction

Chastain Park has seen a very healthy new construction market in the past few years. As of today there are 17 new construction homes actively listed for sale. Those homes have an average list price of $2,023,559.

There are 3 pending new construction homes with an average list price of $1,691,833.

4 new construction homes have sold in 2015 with an average sales price of $1,691,679.

I will do a more in-depth report after the June numbers are in. Click here to see the homes I have sold or have under contract this year in Chastain Park 


Carson Matthews
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

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