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A New Goat in Chastain Park

July 14, 2014
Droopy the Goat

Droopy the Goat

Last Wednesday on the Nextdoor network an urgent alert came across about a loose goat running down LeBrun near the Outback parking lot.

goat caught

As soon as I saw it I let the Chastain Park Conservancy know about it.  It wasn’t their goat, but they did end up taking it in until it’s owner came around.  Well here we are on Monday and “Droopy” (I’ll call him) is still unclaimed.  How is there a goat running around Chastain Park and no one seems to be missing him?

Anyway, I took the boys to visit with him on Saturday and he is such a sweet goat.  He has droopy ears, but no goatee like Chuck the original goat, who he now shares a yard with.  Here are some pictures of Droopy, Chuck, Ray and my boys.

If you know of someone that is missing a goat, have them contact the Chastain Park Conservancy at 404-237-2177

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