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1st Quarter 2014 Chastain Park Home Sales

April 14, 2014

from Park Map Comparison

Today on my real estate blog I analyzed home sales data from the 1st quarter of 2014 in Chastain Park.  Driving around Chastain Park you can see it happening on every street.  Homes are flying off the market, neighbors are getting multiple offers, homes are being torn down, and new construction is on the rise.  In the first quarter of 2014, home sales in Chastain Park are up 70% over the same period in 2013!  The top performing price points are $500-749,999 and the million plus market.

In the $500-749,999 price range we are basically feeding that market with one home per buyer, without much surplus to go around.  So where is all of the inventory in Chastain Park?  80% of the listings are priced over $1,000,000 with an average price of $1,688,916.  Of the homes that closed in the first quarter, the average list price was $1,127,282.

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Carson Matthews

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