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Fit Family at Chastain Park Playground Fundraiser

August 15, 2012

All Families are invited to the Fit Family at Play Chastain fundraising event, a family fitness day scheduled for Saturday, August 25 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the Chastain Park Playground. Participants in the family fitness day will learn family friendly exercises for a lifetime of fitness while helping to raise funds for PlayChastain ~ a new natural play area designed for people of all ages and abilities.  For more information, please contact Emily Napier at Get Fit Now Atlanta – or visit the playchastain website 

Atlanta, Ga Emily Napier of “Get Fit Now, Atlanta” announces the August 25, 2012 “Fit Family at Play Chastain.” The Family Fitness Day is aimed towards teaching fun family friendly exercises for a lifetime of fitness as we build Play Chastain together.

We encourage local neighbors to come down for a (one day) family fitness class where 100% of the $20 fee goes towards building a new playground at Chastain Park. – “This is fitness with a purpose,” says Emily Napier certified fitness coach and owner of Get Fit Now, Atlanta.

The 2 hour family friendly fitness class will take place from 8:00am-10:00am at the Chastain Park Playground. Participants are welcome to workout at their own pace for as little as 15 minutes or for those up to the challenge the entire 2 hours. The activities include fun exercises for children and adults of all ages in a group atmosphere.

Each participant will walk away from this workout with a better understanding of fitness and a feeling of accomplishment and knowledge that they have helped a worthwhile cause.

In addition every participant will receive the “Ultimate Tone it Up Nutrition Guide” designed for help make healthy dietary choices simple.

The “Fit Family at Play Chastain” Fitness Class starts Saturday, August 25 with a rainout day of August 26 at 8:00am-10:00am for a $20 donation per family. Those who donate $75 will receive one free month of Get Fit Now Classes (4x/ week $250 value). The workout will take place at Chastain Park Playground. Donations will be collected the morning of the Class.

“This is a fun and social way to introduce an alternative to the boring gym workouts and to get your children excited about fitness” explains Emily Napier. “Honestly, I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than having a fun and energizing workout the whole family can enjoy”

For additional information and to RSVP contact Emily Napier @(404)549-2523 or


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