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Support the Warren T. Jackson Elementary PTA

August 1, 2011

I thought I would do a little plug for the Warren T. Jackson PTA since we are a week away from school starting back.  Our schools in Buckhead are awesome because of the community involvement in making them that way.  80% of Jackson’s operating budget comes from the PTA.  You can join the Jackson PTA and help support the 2011-12 Jackson Annual Fund.  Donate online now at, memberships begin at only $25.00.  Your donation to the annual fund will allow Jackson to maintain the standards that provide our children with the highest quality education available.

In case you didn’t see the CRCT results for 2011 in the Northside Neighbor, here is a chart showing how our students performed.  Only grades 3-5 at Jackson took the tests, and these numbers reflect the percentage of students that met or exceeded state standards on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.  I’ve also included the results from Sutton Middle School.

Warren T. Jackson
Grade Reading English/Language Arts Math Science Social Studies
3 99.3 97.2 95.8 97.3 96.6
4 97.9 98.6 92.8 97.9 98.6
5 97.6 99.2 98.4 94.4 97.6
Grade Reading English/Language Arts Math Science Social Studies
6 97.7 95.9 83.5 81.7 87.9
7 93.3 97.2 92.6 85.6 80.5
8 97.9 96 80.1 69.6 77
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