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Pictures from the Buckhead Arts and Crafts Festival

May 15, 2011

Martha and I took the boys to the Buckhead Arts and Crafts Festival today in Chastain Park.  It was a strangely cool day in the park with a temperature in the 60’s I guess.  It actually felt more like the Fall Festival, but we’ll take a cool day in May.  It’s a little tough to spend too much time looking at the art as all the kids want to do it get to the ‘jumpies’ which are at the end of the route below the playground.  We were constantly telling them to slow down, wait up, hold on…  After exhausting the jumpies, we had a nice walk back towards the amphitheater and only had to hear about their tired feet.  This is such a cool event that brings so many people into the park that might not see it otherwise.  In the end, we spent more money on popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and kettle corn than on actual art, but it was a great experience for all and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Here are some pictures from our walk:

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