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Recycling Christmas Trees

January 3, 2011

Recycled Trees

Back in November the Chastain Park Conservancy began selling Christmas trees in the Red lot.  If you bought your tree there you could bring it back on Jan 1 & 2 to recycle it and receive a new tree to plant.  I guess the only problem was you needed to hold onto your tree until 1/1 or 1/2 which is probably a little long for most folks to hang onto a tree.  If you drove by the red lot over the past week you surely saw the tree pile growing outside the fence…

Yesterday I took my Christmas tree back to recycle it and the pile of trees returned as instructed was much smaller than the pile of trees piled up outside the fence.  It got me wondering what is going to happen to all of the trees piled up outside the fence?

I wouldn’t think they are the responsibility of Barefoot Mountain Farms, or the Conservancy, or the neighborhood…right?  I guess we will see…  Mulch or not to mulch…

I am excited about planting the red bud sapling that I received yesterday.  Hopefully it can survive the Chastain Park winter.

I personally want to thank the Conservancy for putting together this program in Chastain Park and offering the neighbors a simple way to purchase and return a Christmas tree, all while supporting and giving back to the park.

Trees left outside the fence

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!


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