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Chastain Park Tree Replacement

July 30, 2010

There are several projects going on in Chastain Park and if you are paying attention, you’ll see some trees coming down.  It’s a lot easier to notice the trees coming down that to recognize the trees being planted.  When driving down Park Drive the other day I noticed there was a “tree recompense” plan described on the Hilltop Meadow Pavilion sign near the Green lot.  Here is how it reads:

On Wednesday I received a “News Blast” from the Chastain Park Conservancy discussing the PATH improvements taking place on Powers Ferry Road which you can read about here. One of the stories is about the tree recompense plan for the PATH improvements because 16 trees were required to be cut down.  They will be replanting 38 new trees to replace those that were lost.  The details are below:

“Due to the installation of a deceleration lane and other road design criteria as required by City of Atlanta Roads and Drainage, 16 trees had to be removed.  Our tree recompense for this project will plant a total of 38 trees which will be a mix of Pin Oaks, Red Maples and Eastern Red Buds.  This plan was approved and permitted by the COA (City of Atlanta) Arborist.  The Parks Department is held to a higher standard for tree replacement than a normal contractor or citizen thus we are replacing 16 trees with 38.”

At first I was really sad to see the trees coming down but it’s my understanding that the trees that replace the lost ones will be much prettier and more appropriate for the park.
On a side note: From one neighbor to another, I would suggest avoiding West Wieuca and Powers Ferry on concert nights, at least until the construction is over.  They are making some major changes to the Powers Ferry/Stella Dr intersection which is causing the traffic to slow down dramatically.  Hopefully the traffic will ease up once the construction work is done.

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