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New Recycling Bins Around Chastain Park

April 1, 2009


My son Henry is playing his first year of NYO baseball and on opening day Coke had a huge recycling gig set up which I thought was really cool.  Days later driving through the park I was so happy to see that the recycling bins were still around and shortly after received this notification below from the Chastain Park Conservancy.

We are pleased to announce that Chastain Park is going “green.”  Beginning March 21, 2009, the Chastain Park Conservancy and NYO will provide the opportunity to recycle plastic bottles and cans in certain locations within Chastain Park. Look for the large white barrels marked with the Chastain Conservancy and NYO logo’s to recycle your plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  We will have 24 barrels located throughout NYO’s fields as well as four bins along the path on W. Wieuca and two bins at the Chastain Park playground.  In addition, you will find bins located at Chastain Tennis Center, the Chastain Pool and the Chastain Arts Center.  Collection services will be provided by Conex Recycling and will cost the park approximately $125 a month.  If you or your business is interested in sponsoring one or more months of the recycling program, please contact Katie Edwards at, 678-641-9751


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